Code of Conduct of the sMeet Communications GmbH

§11. Code of Conduct

  1. The user shall have sole responsibility for the contents and the information, which she/he makes available with his/her registration as well as when using the sMeet Services. The user shall ensure that the data provided to sMeet is true and personally refers to the user. Furthermore, the user shall ensure that he/she will not use third-party data, which was entrusted to him/her in the non-commercial section, for commercial purposes including advertising purposes.

    1. Furthermore, the user may not publish private and public conversations within sMeet (for example as screenshots or as copied quotes). In case of a violation, the user will be warned and the content will be deleted. Any further violations will result in a 24 h kick or a ban.

    2. The User may not share her/his password with other users. Sharing an account with another user is prohibited. It can result in deletion of the account as a multi-account.

  2. The user shall be obligated to compensate sMeet for any type of action, damages, losses, or claims, which could arise through the user’s registration and/or the use of the Services. In particular, the user shall be obligated to indemnify sMeet from any liability and from all obligations, expenses, and claims, which result from other users violating these GTC. The indemnification shall also refer to costs, which are required for the defense of such claims. A violation results in the deletion of the account and a permanent ban from the platform
  3. The user shall be obligated to treat emails and other communications confidentially and only to make them accessible to third parties with the explicit prior consent of the sender. This shall also apply to names, telephone, and fax numbers, address information, email addresses, and/or URLs.

    As stated in paragraph 1a), content that is shared with third parties without consent shall be deleted. The user shall be warned at the first violation. Any further violations will result in a 24 h kick or a ban.
  4. Moreover, every user is obligated not to misuse the Services, in particular:
    1. not to circulate defamatory, offensive, or otherwise illegal material or such information. This particularly concerns pornographic, racist, inciting, slanderous, obscene, or insulting content and content which violates privacy, is harmful to minors, or is comparable to the aforementioned. 

      In minor cases, a violation shall be punished with a 7 days kick. In worse cases, the user shall be permanently banned from sMeet.
    2. not to harass or threaten other users or to violate the rights (including personal rights) of third parties;
      1. harassment of users shall be warned and muted. In case of a second violation, the user shall be banned for 24h or 7 days depending on the intensity.
      2. threatening behavior shall be banned for 7 days. 
      3. real-life threats will be banned permanently from the platform
    3. not to import any data onto the system, which contains a computer virus (infected software) or software or other material, which is protected by copyright unless the user is the holder of the rights or has the necessary approvals for this; 
      This shall lead to a ban of the user.
    4. not to import any data into the Services, which violates the intellectual property rights or rights of a third party. Violations shall be punished by a warning and in case of a repetition with a 7 days kick.
    5. not to ask any other users for financial resources or services or to advertise for other Internet offers, which do not work in collaboration with sMeet. The user shall be warned the first time and punished with a 24h kick after that.
    6. not to negatively affect the availability of the Services for other users, otherwise the user shall be banned
    7. not to intercept any emails for other users and also not to attempt to do so; otherwise the user shall be banned.
    8. to only send emails to members for the purpose of communication, not for promoting or offering merchandise or services to other users (apart from cases in which this is specifically permitted by sMeet); otherwise the user shall be banned.
    9. not to send any chain letters. In case of a violation, the user will be warned and in case of a second violation, the user will be banned.
    10. not to send any communications or emails, which serve a commercial purpose; otherwise the account must be banned
    11. not to disclose any information in the profile data, in the chat service, in communications, or the like regarding addresses, telephone or fax numbers, email addresses, messenger codes/nicknames/identifiers (for example Skype, Facebook, and others)

      Published content that discloses information shall be deleted and the user shall be kicked for 24h. If the violation is repeated the account shall be banned permanently
    12. not to communicate his/her access data to third parties. If information is disclosed to a third party the user shall be warned. For every additional violation, the user shall be kicked 24h each time it's known. 
    13. not to register a nickname with ambiguous, offensive, or insulting content. In case of a violation, the inappropriate nickname shall be changed, and a second violation shall be punished with the deletion of the account
    14. to comply with the effective laws on the protection of minors. This includes in particular that each user must be aware of the age of his/her chat/dialogue partner. Particularly in the case of chats/telephone conversations with minors, the content may not be discriminating, morally reprehensible, sexual or glorify violence. A violation shall be punished with a permanent exclusion from the sMeet Services.
    15. not to attempt any sort of cheating or manipulation of results/outcomes in Style Contests, Group Challenges, or other competitions/tournaments/events. In case of violation, any earned rewards, such as Coins, Fame Points, Group Coins, Boosts, Badges, etc. will be taken back. Furthermore,
      1. the user shall be warned and kicked for at least 24h. In case of a second violation, the user shall be permanently banned.
      2. groups shall be disqualified from the Challenge, and ELO Points will be deducted from them. A second violation could even lead to the deletion of the Groups and Kick penalties for the Group Leaders and even Group members.
  5. In the event that one of the above-mentioned rules of conduct is not adhered to, this can lead to an immediate cancellation of the contract as well as result in legal ramifications for the user. In particular, sMeet shall reserve the right to delete the user’s posted content and to exclude the user from the Services in the event that sMeet is of the opinion that immoral, politically radical, or obscene content (photographs, texts, videos, etc.) are to be circulated by means of using the Services or by registering.
  6. In the event that the user infringes these rules and his/her user account has been deleted because of it, the user may not use the applicable Services of sMeet again. A repeated registration at the same sMeet Service is prohibited.
  7. In the event that the user uses third-party data, which has been entrusted to him/her, for commercial purposes and/or associates business interests with his/her registration, which verifiably turns out to be damaging to sMeet, sMeet shall reserve the right to claim a general contractual penalty amounting to EUR 5,000 in the event of culpable behavior on the part of the user provided that the amount of the damage is not verifiably and significantly less. Further claims for damages shall remain unaffected thereof.
  8. sMeet shall always strive to keep the contents free of all illegal or otherwise objectionable data. Should the user notice a violation or be made aware of a violation against these GTC and/or the incorporated code of conduct by a third party, he/she shall immediately inform sMeet thereof (support).
  9. The user may not select or use any usernames of another person with the intention of impersonating this person or use a name without approval to which another person has the rights. In case of a violation of this rule, the account shall be banned.
  10. The user must inform sMeet about any known or suspected unauthorized use of his/her account or any kind of security breach he/she may suspect including the loss, theft, or unauthorized publication of his/her password. This shall be reported immediately. The account could be closed to investigate the case.
  11. The user shall be fully responsible for his/her actions within the Services. sMeet shall not review the contents before it is posted on sMeet.
  12. Amongst others, sMeet shall make use of honorary chat operators, guides, and other helpers, who observe and review the atmosphere and the contents within the Services and who, in the event of violations, are also authorized to take measures (click out of the chat, notification of sMeet, etc.) against users, who do not adhere to these GTC or to the code of conduct.
  13. A user shall not use a third-party tool either to get any kind of advantages. If a third-party tool was used the user shall be warned and an Autoclicking Block shall be activated. If the user gets caught for the second time the user shall be kicked for 7 days and banned permanently in case of another violation.
  14. A user shall not have more than one account. If a user has multiple accounts they shall be disabled. The second violation against this rule shall lead to a ban of ALL accounts. (All accounts include the first or main account.)

    1. A user shall not have multi accounts in a group. The first violation shall be punished with a warning for the leader of the group and the multiple accounts must be removed from the group. 

    2. A second violation shall be punished by disqualifying the group and removing the multi accounts from the group. 

    3. The 3rd violation must be punished by closing the group and punishing the group leader with a 7 days kick.

  15. In case a user takes advantage of an obvious bug without reporting it immediately, Coins, Fame Points, Boosts, Home Value, and other earned rewards will be taken back and the user shall be warned. If other users were harmed, the user shall be punished with a 7 days kick or a permanent ban depending on the case.

  16. A user that is cheating while creating a style either with third-party tools or in another way shall be warned once. A second violation shall be punished with a permanent ban from the platform

  17. A user must not buy already existing accounts from other users. If it's proven that the account was sold, the account shall be closed.

Users with special badges or privileges shall lose their privileges in case of a violation. Depending on the violation this can happen after the first violation.

These are general guidelines. Specific situations and circumstances might lead to lighter or harsher punishments. Taking the circumstances into account, sMeet reserves the right to adjust these regulations, if necessary at any time.

Last update: 31.01.2023