Halloween Podcast No. 3 - Italian Chills!

Halloween Podcast IT

We asked users from each domain to tell a scary story or poem!


Rome, 31st of October 2019 11:15 pm

A group of friends decide to meet for Halloween, as they do every year. There are five of them. Two girls - Anna and Paola - and three boys - Luca, Marco and Andrea. This year the topic of their party will be “Zombie Apocalypse”. Each person will decide what to wear, and whether to play the role of the prisoner or the zombie.
Anna and Paola decide to play the prisoners, the boys will play the zombies.

The five friends stood in front of the Colosseum where, at 11:30 p.m., a bus was due to take them to an old and abandoned laboratory.

The bus left on time, like a Swiss clock.

During the journey, the friends were sitting at the very back of the bus. Everything was decorated for the occasion: blinking lights, spiders and fake webs, bats, fake blood… it really looked like a horror bus!

The journey went as planned.

Suddenly, the bus stopped with a loud noise - all the passengers were looking outside with curiosity. The driver tried to calm them down saying, “nothing to worry about, guys, there is a dead animal on the street - I will take a look and see if the bus has been damaged.''  

The driver got off the bus but after 15 minutes he still hadn't returned. Luca, Marco and Andrea started to make scary jokes about what could have happened to him, but Anna and Paola didn’t like it and told them to stop because there was nothing to laugh about.

After 20 minutes the three boys decided to get off the bus and look for him, but what they discovered was really scary.

No traces of dead animals on the street, no sign of a broken bus, no trace of the bus driver. Only some strange crawling footprints on the wet soil..

The boys ran back to the bus and told everything to the girls.

After thinking about how to get to the laboratory, they decided to do the rest of the journey on foot through the woods, following the strange footprints.

They arrived at a kind of dead-end path. Luca, Marco, Andrea, Anna and Paola didn’t know what to do.

It was midnight, Halloween night. No lights, no human beings to be seen…

Suddenly Anna heard a strange noise, she turned her head and decided to follow this noise although her friends were telling her not to do so.  After 5 minutes, there was no trace of Anna anymore…

Luca, Marco, Andrea and Paola started to scream to call Anna, to look for her. But it was too late…

The four friends decided to remain united and to go back to the bus but, unfortunately, they went deeper into the woods as they didn’t know what the right direction was!

They all started hearing strange noises - like dry leaves on the ground crushed by dragging footsteps…

They started to run, hoping to find the right way to the laboratory but, unfortunately, somebody found them first.


By 00:30, the four friends were all completely alone - then they just disappeared, one by one, in the woods…

What happened?
Who did this?
We do not know, but the real bus that should have left from the Colosseum never arrived, neither to the departure point nor to its destination…

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