Show off your best medieval outfit at the Falconry Show!

Smeet Room Falconry Show Chat Game

After the excitement of Carnival season, March is usually a quiet month in Smeet City. Yet one annual event has become increasingly-popular, nicely filling the gap in the calendar. Out at old Castle Smeetstone, the medieval fortress stood proudly on the hill known as ‘Marloes Mound’, the annual Falconry Show gets bigger and bigger each year. Its three star attractions are the awesome falcons - Blaze, Cloud and Shadow!

In honor of the castle’s history, the show also has a medieval theme – many of the visitors enjoy dressing up for the occasion, so we think you should too!

Fashion choices aside, there are quite a few things to be getting on with at the show. Help the Trainer distribute the Falcon Feed to the hungry birds, and then help the Showmaster to ensure the display runs smoothly by encouraging these magnificent birds with the Lure Sticks. Once in full flight they really are a sight to behold!

Meanwhile, the crowds also need taking care of while they enjoy the show. Castle Smeetstone’s three Grandstands are always jam-packed with people just waiting to be entertained! Some are hungry, so supply them with Hot Dogs from the Food Stand. Some enjoy a musical accompaniment to the Falconry Show – luckily the Medieval Musician can help with that, so long as he has his Sheet Music! And finally, some miserable souls in the crowd look like they’re at a funeral, not a bird show! Send the Jester over with his Jokes, they’re bound to cheer them up!

All these activities should also generate some Falconry Show Gold, allowing you to really enjoy the event properly! Have fun everyone, and hold onto your hats!

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