Colorful Floaty Competition


How much joy colorful floaties in the pool or at the beach?
They can be in so many shapes, you can have a pink flamingo, a unicorn, a pizza, a chocolate donut or even a crocodile. They cheer up the pool, don’t they? You can lie on it with your sunglasses and sunbathe drinking a cold drink. That’s how we all image our holiday, relaxing yourself completely.
To spice up your holiday, we’ve thought about something special.
You can now take part to an Art Floaty Challenge!
A very simple and funny competition! If you want to take part in this amazing competition, you can find all the boosters in the Furniture Shop!
How to partecipate:

  1. Get a Floaty Kit;
  2. Blow it up;
  3. Get it checked out by the lifeguard;
  4. Have fun!

At the end of this competition you’ll discover what amazing shape you’ve got! Let’s see how’s going to win this competition!

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