Whats new in sMeet Desktop Version 101.03?

  • Zooming is finally available on Desktop. Just scroll with your mouse wheel in or out.
  • Render quality of the avatar images is improved. After you render your avatar it will look much better in the room.
  • You can now request a new sMeet password if you have forgotten your old one.
  • Invite your friends to sMeet with the new friend invitation.
  • Performance Improvement for the photo gallery.
  • Bugfix: App could have crashed while navigating in the photo gallery.

New update for sMeet

What' new in the latest update?

  • We have updated the sMeet installer to solve some issues while installing sMeet.

  • The "News" page is now displayed in your selected language.

  • Bug fix: It was not possible for some users to upload profile images. This is fixed.

  • Bug fix: Player who are using one of our partner logins like Mynet or Zoo do not have to log in every time they start sMeet.

  • Bug fix: Some Booster were not clickable. This is fixed.

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