PLAY SMEET IN 2021 - Welcome to the SMEET FUTURE!

We have awesome news for you: the new SMEET BETA DESKTOP APP IS NOW AVAILABLE. You don´t have to worry about the end of Flash anymore.

With the new Smeet Beta Desktop App you are able to play Smeet in 2021 comfortably without needing the browser!

The Desktop app is currently in Beta status. This means we are still working on it and will improve it over time. We would be happy to get feedback from you and if you have any issues, please write to our support.

All you have to do is download the App and install it on your computer!

An Unusual Coffee

¿Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee in the morning? And there’s nothing better than having a whole repertoire of different types of coffee beans to brew your delicious drink. But there’s one special type of Coffee beans that is believed to be the best in the world! However, you can only get them in the most unimaginable way; from Cat excrements!

Let’s dance to some SAMBA!

It’s that time of the year; streets get full of colour and confetti, people wear their most extravagant carnival costumes and dance during hours to the Samba beats, and the most colourful parade takes place with huge wagons that serve as dancefloor. But wait! Your wagon is not finished! 

You need to finish your carnival wagon and find visitors that will get on board with you and celebrate. Do this before the time is up and you can earn Fame Points and Boosts! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get the party started!

What You Need to Know About Your 3D Social Chat Game - Smeet

Your free 3D Social Chat Game – Smeet

Smeet is your free browser based 3D social game. Discover the many virtual worlds and let your imagination run wild. Meet new people and experience new adventures! Collect Fame Points, move up the levels to expand and customize your very own 3D Hangout. Invite your friends to have more fun and challenge their High Scores and achievements!
You can even raise your own cute pets and teach them cool tricks! Or just start taking care of your 3D garden and your own farm! For each activity, you will be rewarded with Smeet Fame Points. Experience a whole new kind of 3D virtual life game!

Cool games on Smeet

In the 3D Smeet World, you can play cool integrated browser games, casual games and other fun Flash games. Play now with your friends, beat their High Scores or meet new people as you play. Compete with other users in quizzes and other integrated mini-games and move up the Levels! Crack the safe and experience exciting quests with your new friends or love interests. Collect points and tons of prizes along the way! Again, as you collect more and more points, your Level will increase. The higher your Level the more options you have in Smeet, especially for designing your user rooms and styling your 3D Avatar. It’s easy! And there are so many ways to win FREE ITEMS & Fame Points…

Smeet is your 3D chat community to meet old friends and find new ones  

When you don’t feel like playing games anymore, just start using the popular 3D chat. Chat with old friends and flirt with new ones. In the Smeet 3D community, you can chat with real people and visit live online events and watch videos together. Be part of the most interactive place to meet new people in a playful way in the web!