Whats new in this Update?

  • Anti Cheat Improvements We fixed some known cheats in the game.
  • Performance improvements We know that there are still some issues with the game performance and we continue to work on that.
  • Just like you, we don´t like bugs! We've worked very hard to find and fix a lot of them. .



Whats new in the latest update?

  • Bugfix: Room was not visible. After the last update some rooms were not visible after entering it.
  • The current version of the game is now visible in the loading screen. If you have to contact the support please provide the version number, this will help us to solve your case.
  • Several other small bug fixes and improvements.




Whats new in sMeet Desktop Version 101.03?

  • Zooming is finally available on Desktop. Just scroll with your mouse wheel in or out.
  • Render quality of the avatar images is improved. After you render your avatar it will look much better in the room.
  • You can now request a new sMeet password if you have forgotten your old one.
  • Invite your friends to sMeet with the new friend invitation.
  • Performance Improvement for the photo gallery.
  • Some design and text issues are fixed.



New update for sMeet

What' new in the latest update?

  • We have updated the sMeet installer to solve some issues while installing sMeet.

  • The "News" page is now displayed in your selected language.

  • Bug fix: It was not possible for some users to upload profile images. This is fixed.

  • Bug fix: Player who are using one of our partner logins like Mynet or Zoo do not have to log in every time they start sMeet.

  • Bug fix: Some Booster were not clickable. This is fixed.

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