Hundred Shapes of Pasta


Blogs are like pasta. They come in all sizes and shapes. Blogging is about sharing, so is a meal of pasta. And like food, blogs are consumed. 

Pasta has long been a food of the common people. Someone calls it “cucina casalinga” or “home food”, other referring to it as “peasant food”. 

No matter what it’s called, no other food is as universally loved as pasta!

Centuries of Italian creativity has shaped pasta into hundreds of forms and flavors. It’s said that each pasta shape gives the dish a different taste. 

There is a logical process to choosing the perfect shape for a given sauce. A general rule is that delicate shapes are for delicate sauces, while heartier ones are for harrier sauces. But actually the basic principle is like goes with like. With pasta you continually bring your passion to the creation-table, to share with the people you love. 

Now, sMeeters, you have to give your best to create the best pasta dishes. 

You have at your disposal many ingredients: use them well!