Halloween Podcast No. 4 - Southern Shivers!

Halloween Podcast EN

We asked users from each domain to tell a scary story or poem! Next up, straight from the Southern United States, is ƒєммє from EN/INT!

Lady Nightingale

Her life devoted to the stage, the song and dance of Vaudeville age,
Until the night, her throat was slashed,
Her body burst, her head was bashed.
By her beloved, in drunken rage,
Who could not bare, to share the stage.
Her voice of joy and happiness,
Now bleeding out upon her dress.
Years later now, the legend goes,
She looks for two, to fill her woes.
A couple roaming, o'er headstones,
Where the ghost now calls its home.
It lures the girl, and rips her throat,
Then steals her voice, the plan inchoate.
Her body lifeless on the ground,
Her lover nowhere to be found.
He searches for the faint outcry,
but only finds dismal goodbyes.
Above his love now stands the ghost,
Of vengeful death upon the host.
It sends the boy unto his death,
While watching him draw his last breath.
And over him, in rage it stands,
Clutching his heart, within its hands.
It screams and cries out in the night,
Giving those who hear a fright.
Revenge and rage is oft the tale,
Of Vaudeville's Lady Nightingale.