Magical Science of the Elemental Laboratory

Elemental Laboratory

The world harbors many phenomena humans grasp to understand, the majority of which remain indefinitely mysterious and incomprehensible to human understanding. Many people accept that this is how things are forever bound to be, perfectly satisfied in their own small world, accepting what they know as facts and what they don't know as miracles.

Save for only a few outsiders, who crave to know more.

Huddled in their stuffy rooms, cranked to the brim with books and tools of questionable means, void of any daylight they experiment with dangerous substances, play with fire, try to turn steel into gold, and even go as far as an attempt to become immortal.

However, the art of creation through alchemical means is truly no trivial matter and even though the smart and wise should know best that you get burned should you dare fly too close to the sun, they can't resist.

They're addicted to the raw high of acquiring knowledge, slaves to the endless pit in their stomachs created through the greatest phenomenon of all, one they'll never achieve to escape: Curiosity. One day, they know, this will be their demise, but until that day they won't stop trying to quell that hunger.

If you're one of those who yearn for knowledge, unable to resist the forbidden fruit, then, by all means, feel free to enter the Elemental Laboratory. Harness the energy of the elements, gain the power to create forests and oceans, deserts and mountains, and form a breathtaking world with a few snaps of your fingers and pure geniality.

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