Utopian Village of Tomorrow

Utopian Village

Let's take a moment and imagine what the future could look like for us in an ideal world!

Of course, evolved electronics and cute Robotics are a must! Just picture in your head what crazy technological developments could become reality: Houses in the sky, swaying like clouds gently in the wind, or shuttles gliding through holographic streets like fish in a river, there are so many incredibly awesome things humanity could achieve!

Or maybe humans wouldn't even be the rulers of the earth anymore, maybe everything would be grown and overflown with lush green plants. Grass as high as horses and roots strong enough to grab into anything from metal to plastic and grow upon it as if they're stepping on a fallen enemy!

It's hard to imagine one thing taking over completely, and even harder to imagine anything good coming out of an extreme... If we envision the future, the most beautiful thing surely is to strive for harmony between science and nature, combine plants and robotics and see what is possible to achieve when everything works perfectly together!

So why don't you take a glance into the future and help out a bit in a small village where technology and nature work together in harmony to ensure a prosperous future for the planet and humanity?

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