Lift the curse and open the magical chest!

Magic Mission

- Legends say there was once upon a time a witch with outstanding magical powers and supposedly she was a beauty too, so one can only imagine her name was known far across the land. One fateful day, she met a young wizard they fell in love and decided to marry. However, their happiness was short-lived, for the young wizard was selfish and greedy - his confession of love was all a ploy to get close to the witch and steal her legendary powers.

Heartbroken over his betrayal, she cursed him with the last strength she had left. She couldn't take her powers back from him for once something is lost it will never be returned the same, and so she cursed him to be damned, to hold the power he so audaciously stole but to never be able to use them. The wizard was turned into a treasure chest, damned to be closest to the object of his obsession but never able to touch it, reduced to a mere tool to keep the witch's powers safe for eternity.

- What happened to the witch?

- How am I supposed to know that, I've only heard the story from the woman selling vegetables at the market. She didn't tell me what happened to the witch or where she went. The story could be completely made up, for all I know! Ahem! Anyway, it's said that only a person of dignified virtue and an honest heart would be able to open the chest and free the witch's powers from the claws of the wizard.

Do you think you're the one?

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