Help the Lizardfolk revive the ancient doorway at The Ophidian Gateway!

The Ophidian Gateway

All at once, reptiles all throughout the jungle have been acting strange, trying to move towards some unknown location in unison.

It seems some strange force has awakened, and all kinds of snakes and lizards have started slithering out from under the rocks and scurrying through the jungle. Chief amongst them is the strange Lizardfolk, having emerged from the depths of the natural mazes, speaking in hisses to one another as they gather around the old stones and structures that lay enveloped in vines. Something lies here, something ancient, and it seems they are keen on reawakening it.

Recalling strange symbols and etchings as if from eidetic memory, the Lizardfolk begin using the natural resources and reptilian allies to uncover the old portal and to carve the ancient runes into the old and mossy stones.

Time has been unkind to them, and they are in need of some assistance! With a few hisses and gargles, one of the Lizardfolk approaches you, seemingly asking for your hand in this peculiar task!

Warm up the flowers and harvest their volatile acids, awaken the beetles, collect venom, care for the prism lizards, and help the Lizardfolk in restoring their lost world at The Ophidian Gateway!

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