Stack cans and make some art at the Superbowl Soda Party!

Superbowl Soda Party

Sports events are great for getting people together – outdoors, lots of things to do and see, and an awesome excuse to have parties! Everyone loves parties! Well, you say that until you’re the one who has to clean up the mess afterwards, of course. How about we help ourselves along the way by making use of those empty cans?

People make art in loads of different ways! Some people take mud and clay from the earth and turn it into pottery, others take graphite or paints and make murals and paintings, some take a special pen and use it on a drawing tablet to make their art, but not us here at the Superbowl Soda Party!

We make our art by taking empty cans and stacking them up! Doesn’t sound complicated, does it? The tricky bit is you need to know what your final image will look like and make sure you plan everything properly, or else it’ll all come toppling down in the figurative and literal sense!

Get some food ready for the fans, give them their beverages, and collect the empty cans to make your very own creations at the Superbowl Soda Party!

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