Travel through dimensions and retrieve the treasure holy to the twin dragons in the Ascendant Dragon’s Respite!

Twin Dragons

For every sun that lights up the sky, there is a moon visible in its absence. For every flame that brightens up a room, there is a shadow wishing to snuff it out. This balance remains true for the twin dragons who, while siblings, despise one another. At every turn, the Abyssal Dragon seeks to undermine his Ascendant Dragon brother, and recently his window of opportunity arose.

A relic considered holy to Kreinsil the Bright was stolen, and Vokunnak the Void fled to his realm to rejoice in his victory. His joy will be short-lived, however, as the Ascendant Dragon has created a portal that branches the two dimensions together. In drawing so much energy to create this portal, however, he has left too little energy to open it and traverse to the other side to retrieve his holy treasure.

The portal needs to be powered with Ascendant Magic created by a Phoenix from the light captured in a diamond and water. Once you’re through, it’s your turn to use the Abyssal Dragon’s hoard against him! The basilisk cares not for his master, so use him to create another kind of magic to bribe Vokunnak’s own blacksmith to give you his hammer, so that Kreisil’s Blacksmith can forge a fake treasure to trick the Abyssal Dragon with his own avarice and greed!

Open the portal, create good and evil magics and steal back the holy treasure in the unique Ascendant Dragon’s Respite!


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