Whats new in the latest update?

With this Update we improved the groups and a lot more.

Check out the cool new group features:

  • We fixed a lot of bugs regarding boosters, notifications and more.
  • The group chat has finally arrived! Chat with your group members now and discuss your strategy for the next challenge.
  • Trade items with your group members. You can now request Boosters, Furniture or items from your group.
  • Coins for free! Every Saturday you can request coins from your group. This is free for your group members, but be sure to be online, since it is only possible on Saturday!
  • You are a group leader and look for more group members? Well now you can open your group for group invitations and let the user request a membership. You can accept them in the group chat!
  • Challenge Count Down is now visible above the group icon. Don't miss the last seconds of the challenge anymore.
  • New 3D Avatar photo mode! You can now make awesome snapshots from your avatar and your friends and share your style with the world.
  • Minigames are back! The minigames in the Arcarde Hall are back and can be played on all devices

  • Just like you, we don´t like bugs! We've worked very hard to find and fix a lot of them. .


How to update the sMeet Desktop App?

In order to update the app you don´t need to uninstall and re-install it.
Just download the newest version to you computer.


Double click on the newly downloaded sMeet.exe file and the newest version will be installed.


Happy Smeeting!


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