Flog merch from the Middle Ages at the Medieval Market!

Medieval Market Room Smeet Game

The latest attempt to attract visitors to Smeet City has arrived, and this time it’s the ‘historical reenactment crowd’ the tourist board is trying to attract. Whoever they are. That’s right; the city council has launched a brand new Medieval Market! Budding entrepreneur that you are, you’ve secured the contract to organize it.

First up, it’s down to your mouthy mate Dave, acting as mountebank, to lure in all the suckers…*cough*… I mean customers to check out your medieval fare. There are food and jewellery stands as well as a leatherwear collection. You’ve also acquired some actual real-life medieval weapons. To be honest, we aren’t sure if it’s completely legal to sell those, but you got a good deal off a bloke in the pub to source the stuff so it’s worth the risk I guess!

The more you sell, the more medieval Ducats you earn. Also, we should probably mention that it’s not only Dave that’s helping you out today either - your even dodgier mate Gary is helping too! Put simply, Gary is a thief. He robs people for a living. His role in this enterprise is to steal Ducats off unwitting market-goers and then give them to you.

Yes. It seems you have truly turned to the dark side. What happened, man? Also why isn’t Gary in prison? And should you really be selling jousting equipment to children? So many questions…

Anyway, with your pockets full of Ducats and your morals out the window, you can then work on improving the market itself - there is a castle ruin that would look pretty good if it was refurbished. It might be worth a fair few Fame Points too!


Time to get trading, Smeeters!