Yui's Heartwarming Endeavor

Capybara Spa

Yui had been an animal lover ever since her first pet Guinea pig and it was quickly clear to her, that she wanted to pursue a career in a field, in which she could help animals. Her first plan was to become a veterinarian to help sick animals, but dealing with the annoying owners quickly took all the joy out of the profession for her. So instead, she chose to help animals by working at the bio park in her hometown. The park was large and had many different types of animals ranging from birds, lizards to wolves and bears and yes, even some Capybaras, who lived a very happy life, spending most of their time in the water. With their laid-back behavior and nonchalant way, they quickly became Yui’s favorites, and she has made good friends with these fluffy critters.

But winter has brought some distress to these cute animals. A winter in Japan is cold, definitely too cold for the capybara, who mainly live in South America. Every year, Yui has to witness how her capybaras become less and less active during the winter, mostly cuddling together in big groups and some of them even catching a cold in the icy temperatures. The coughing and sneezing which can be heard from the capybara enclosure at most hours of the week always wrenched Yui’s heart.

Racking her brain on what she could do to help her little furry friends she became distracted. Her head would go round and round always thinking about how to make the temperature more bearable. She thought of blankets and air conditioners, underground heating systems, and warm UV light. But nothing seemed workable, especially given the limitations of the park. She became so caught up in her own thoughts, that one afternoon, she brought hay to the wolves and meat to the giraffes. Noticing Yui’s mistake and her absentmindedness, the park’s manager gave her the rest of the day off and with a reassuring pat on the shoulder, suggested a visit to a new bathhouse that had opened up in town, to help Yui get her mind off things. Having little better to do, Yui decided she might as well visit this new place.

Arriving there she was immediately entranced by the wonderful atmosphere. The air was crisp and cold, but once settled into the warm water of the stone pools, it became enjoyable. The water was scented, set with herbs, and smelt rich and clean and golden Yuzu fruits were hanging in the large trees surrounding the pool. The entire ambiance of the bathhouse was one of cozy and relaxed warmth, richly colored with the scent of the herbs and the Yuzu fruits overhead. A great feeling of comfort washed over Yui like a gentle warm wave and she felt a deep sense of tranquility and peace. She relaxed and for a moment all thoughts left her mind and she was just present in the moment.

But only for a moment, because in the next one, she remembered how much her capybara companions enjoyed the taste and smell of Yuzu fruits. And with this strange remembrance, an idea suddenly flashed into her mind.

Right on the next day, she spoke with the park’s manager and while the manager seemed doubtful at first, she finally consented and let Yui’s enthusiasm inspire her. Together with some of her capybara friends, Yui began planning all that would be necessary: the scented herbs and the golden yuzu fruits, the hot water, and, remembering the carelessness of her furry friends, a lifeguard to make sure nothing bad could happen to them. Help Yui organize everything and prepare the perfect experience for the capybaras!