Halloween Games 2023: FINAL RESULTS!


It's been another superb contest this year and it was close right up to the end, but our Halloween champions have been decided!

Congratulations to the GR domain from the Ghost Group and the IT Domain from the Monster Group! You fought really bravely and earned your prize! Every user in the GR and IT domains wins 35,000 Fame Points, 1,500 Social Points, and the special Halloween Games 2023 Badge!

The final standings were as follows:

Ghost Group:
1. GR Domain (12 Points)
2. ES/LAT Domain (7 Points)
3. TR Domain (3 Points)
4. FR Domain (2 Points)

Monsters Group:
1. IT Domain (11 Points)
2. PL Domain (10 Points)
3. LT Domain (6 Points)
4. DE Domain (2 Points)
5. EN Domain (1 Point)

All users of the domains with at least 1 Point, win 12,000 Fame Points, 600 Social Points, and participation in sMeet Halloween Games 2023 badge!

Great job everyone, see you next year!