Help the small shrine in the mountains to greet spring!

Vast Mountains of Spring

High above a sea of fog at the crown of the highest mountains, protected by legends and benevolent spirits a small shrine resides. For many long months, winter took residence on earth, and its cold reign left the living and the dead frozen and starving for warmth. Many tried to outlast, hiding under layers of leaves and snow holding on to the little they had left from the brighter months, others simply tried to escape by falling into a deep slumber, their dreams verses of yearning and solitude.

However, the endless circle goes in steady rounds, and at every start of a new year the shrine and its inhabitants break out into jittery excitement, for spring will descend to earth and color nature in vibrant colors and radiant rays of light.

Naturally, there are lots of things to be prepared and many tasks to be completed before everything's ready for such a celebratory event. Wine has to be brewed and offered to appease the spirits dwelling in the mountains, the shrine as to be throughout swept and cleansed from bad luck and remnants of the old year, and innately it's advisable to make Donations for Good Luck, Health, and Prosperity.

Awaken the Spring Spirit with some lovely music and finally let's hope all the Good Qi gathered will call for spring and allow the beautiful quince blossom trees to bloom again filling the air with their lovely fragrance.