Create stunning gold jewelry for the Three Myirian Princesses!

Smeet Room Three Mhyirian Princesses Chat Game

Congratulations, Smeeters. You have just been hired by the Smeet City Government as their new Ambassador for the Myirian Empire. You don’t know much about this mystic empire on the other side of the world (which makes your appointment to this particular role a little perplexing), but you have heard that there is one thing that dominates all else when it comes to Myirian tastes -  GOLD.

The famously feisty royal family are no exception when it comes to the most desired of the chemical elements. The three daughters of the Myirian Emperor are particularly obsessed with the stuff, so the Smeet City hierarchy have suggested you exploit this in order to ensure the relationship between the two lands remains as strong as ever.

Seeing as Smeet City doesn’t actually have any gold, it’s time to get resourceful. Luckily you found an alchemist who says he can create gold out of lead, so get him some Lead and some Mind-Expanding Potion and let him get on with it! Once he’s produced the Gold, take it to the Goldsmith who can shape the Gold Jewelry that is sure to win favor with Princesses Anja, Nayla and Faith.

The diplomatic reputation of Smeet City is in your hands, Smeeters, so don’t delay!

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