Smeet Spring Games Round 3 Chat Game

We don't know about you, but the coming of spring really gets us in the mood to DANCE! For the next round of our spring games, we want you to create a film of you and your friends showing off your best moves in the finest springtime locations on Smeet! The only rules are:

1. At least 5 different spring locations must appear in the video!
2. At least 5 different dances must be on display!

For inspiration, check out this video! -

Send the YouTube link to your film to by Sunday, 19th May, along with the IDs of all participants and written permission that we can show the video on our Facebook page. Our lovely admins will be the judges once more, and again it is possible that all 3 prizes could go to one single domain!:

1st prize: 3 points for the domain and a mystery prize for all participating users in the video!
2nd prize: 2 points for the domain.
3rd prize: 1 point for the domain.

Have fun, Smeeters!

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