Enjoy a new year health kick at the Lazy Rabbit Salad Bar!

Smeet Lazy Rabbit Salad Bar Room Greece

The festive period was great. Non-stop food and drink as you celebrated with your family and friends. Then came the new year chaos, and one of the biggest party nights of the year - you definitely won't be looking to repeat that day spent cleaning up O'Riley's pub in a hurry. No, for you 2019 brings with it a new approach to life, one in which you think about your own personal well-being and look after your body which is, after all, a temple.

Yeah. Good luck with that. We've heard it all before and this whole 'new year resolution' thing normally lasts about 2 weeks max...

Nonetheless, it's important to give it a go and you have the perfect opportunity to spread the healthy new year vibes by working at the Lazy Rabbit Salad Bar! Knock up some delicious salads and fulfil the orders of all those Smeet City residents also looking for a fresh start in 2019!


The future is green, Smeeters, so time to become a part of it!

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