Secret Santa 2018!

Smeet Secret Santa Chat Game

Secret Santa is back! To celebrate the Christmas season you can take part in our annual gift event! Here's how it works:

1. To join the event, give your ID to a Guide by Sunday 9th December.

2. The IDs will be mixed and you will be given the ID of a user you will have to give a present to (but don´t tell him/her!).

3. Choose a present (worth between 50 and 300 Coins, however much you want to pay!) from the Shop and give the exact name, page and position in the Shop to the Guide. You are even free to choose Limited items, but please make sure they are NOT Limited 1! You will have until Wednesday 19th December to give this information to your Guides.

4. Receive a wonderful surprise present on Christmas Day!


We hope you enjoy participating and have a great holiday season!

The Smeet Team

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