Get sticky and sweet at Peter’s Maple Tree Farm!

Smeet Room Peters Maple Tree Farm Chat Game

It’s time to meet yet another Smeet City legend. Peter the maple tree farmer has been looking after his family’s maple syrup recipe for years, consistently producing the best-tasting syrup around. The family farm is a quaint little place on the outskirts of the city, and is also a very interesting site to visit! He is always keen to up his production rate to boost business, so it seems like a good option if you are in need of some quick cash. Run along and offer your help, Peter is bound to be all too happy to have you on board!

Peter’s production process isn’t even a secret, but somehow no one else can quite seem to do it like he can. Still, that isn’t going to stop you trying, and with his supervision we’re sure you’ll be fine. First up, collect Maple Sap from the Maple Trees and grab some Chopped Wood off the Lumberjack. Feed both into the Evaporator to produce Dirty Syrup as well as some run-off Water.

The Dirty Syrup simply needs filtering into Clean Syrup and then funneling into the Syrup Bottles ready for sale. Peter’s old Granny Maple is also hanging around, keeping an eye out on proceedings and making sure the traditional family recipe is stuck to!

The sweet-toothed citizens of Smeet City are waiting for you, so get to work!