Serve delicious homemade soup on a rainy day at the Soup Cafe!

Smeet Room Soup Cafe Chat Game

As we’ve discovered over the past months, Smeet City is well and truly booming. Tourists are flocking to the metropolis in record numbers - its trendy neighborhoods, thriving industry and quirky cultural history are all big attractions. One thing that isn’t always so tempting to visitors, however, is its not-always-desirable climate…

OK, yes, so you can see people walking down the high street in shorts in mid-November. Let’s face it, though, they are probably either mad, or British tourists. Or both. A terrifying prospect.

No, for most people, a harsh Smeet City winter can prove a challenge, which is why yet another local entrepreneur has hit the jackpot by opening up a warm and cosy Soup Cafe! The cafe has only just launched so the staff are gonna need a little support to settle in, and who better to assist than Smeet City’s ultimate versatile temp worker? Yep – YOU!

Source the scrummy veggies from a local farmer and prep them for the cook. He’ll throw them in the soup pot with a few spices, and when it’s ready you can start handing portions over to the waiter along with some freshly-delivered bread! Remember, the customers in the cafe are searching for a refuge from the bitter cold outdoors so don’t keep them waiting too long!

Once you’ve completed some orders you will be rewarded with a load of Soup Stars for your top-notch service. A ton of Fame Points and some Badges can only follow!


Time to feed the masses, Smeeters!