Uncover enough evidence to solve the case of Blackwood Manor!

Smeet Room Blackwood Manor Chat Game

Some shocking breaking news from Smeet City overnight: successful businessman and well-known philanthropist Sir Blackwood has been found murdered in his mansion home, Blackwood Manor.

No time to waste, you need to get to the scene as soon as possible! As the lead investigator on the case, it is vitally important that you get to the crime scene while the clues are still fresh, allowing you to identify the perpetrator. Rumor has it that Sir Blackwood had tense relationships with some of his house staff at the manor, so perhaps someone had a motive to carry out this awful deed…

The more eagle-eyed detectives among you won’t need any help with this case, but here are some guidelines anyway. Try looking for Possible Safe Combinations in the Diary and use the Investigation Tools from your Detective Tool Box and the Fingerprint Kit effectively, along with the Magnifying Glass to look for Footprints to paint a clearer picture of what might have happened. Finally, interview the Witnesses to gather crucial Testimony!

All this groundwork should lay the foundation for the next stage of the investigation, where suspicion might start to fall on one of the Butler, the Gardner, or the Housekeeper, all who were working in the manor at the time of Sir Blackwood’s death!

Detective heads on, Smeeters!