Create the giant robot in the Metal Titan Manufactory!

Metal Titan Manufactory

The world of the future depends on technology. Only machines can go where no human can go, and only machines can calculate when the stars will collide! The Metal Titan Manufactory opened its doors to create those machines of the future right here, right now!

Computers are capable of insane feats – things no human mind can quite wrap their heads around. The sheer amount of calculations a computer can make can outperform any human without even breaking a sweat; well, if they could sweat. The future of the world depends on what we do today, and we are limited in our ways of figuring out what might happen in the future.

The Metal Titan Manufactory was built with the future in mind, designing robots capable of all kinds of tasks – repairs, space travel, intelligent predictions, … you name it. They were idealized as protectors of the Earth and protectors of the future, aiming to guide us to the best world possible.

Design the inner workings of these machines by refining metal, give them the ability to walk, sense, think and feel, create their components and assemble your very own robot in the Metal Titan Manufactory!

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