Tidy up the mess at the Puppy’s First Christmas!

Puppy's First Christmas

Everyone loves puppies! And what better gift on Christmas day than a puppy! Oh, but someone decided it would be a good idea to leave him unattended… You could have sworn it was only a few minutes!

The Christmas tree has been toppled over, the food has been bitten and some of it is missing, there’s wrapping paper all over the floor with toys strewn around everywhere! Aww, but look at that little face… how could you be mad at a puppy? He’s so full of energy, and that is why the whole room is a mess!

Get some eggnog, motivate yourself and get on with tidying up! Thankfully he couldn’t bite all the way through most present boxes and none of the toys or gifts were damaged, and most of the food can be saved. It’s time to dust out the spare decorations – you hadn’t prepared for a mess, but thankfully you’ve got this covered!

Save Christmas and forgive the little doggie at the Puppy’s First Christmas!

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