Help the mice and rats build their home in the Rodent’s Retreat!

Rodents' Retreat

Deep beneath the Smeet City, under the unsuspecting feet of every surface-dweller lies the hidden little sanctuary for the wild mice and rats who make their home in the sewers.

A local scientist hired you to investigate what on Earth is going on down there, giving you a self-shrinking device so that you can figure out what all those strange structures are that keep appearing on his maps.

The dark, smelly environment is perfect for keeping unwanted guests away, and with the mice having been left to their own devices with no natural predators down there, they started to become smarter than their above-ground relatives! Working together with the local rat population, these rodents began to make their own little city in the underground. As you stumble across this little sanctuary, they react not with hostility but with kindness, and you decide to help the mice organize themselves and make their own little town!

Lend the mice a hand in the Rodent’s Retreat deep beneath the streets of Smeet!

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