Why is spring the season of love?


Hey guys !! Have you ever asked yourself why spring is the season of love? There has always been the custom of saying that spring is the season of love: the poets sang it, the musicians wrote it and it is now rooted in our common beliefs. Spring symbolizes rebirth: the days get longer, there is more sun and therefore we are all happier because the body produces more seratonin, the layers of winter clothes and sweaters come off and we all need new things to wear. Spring also awakens our 5 senses and restore new energy to the body and soul, and arouses, by its nature, the desire for love. It’s spring! For me it’s the most beautiful season, the days get longer and finally you can stay outdoors. And for those who dream of falling in love, spring is the right season.
So what are you waiting for go and spread LOVE!!!!!

††●Qυєєи σf нєαят●††

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