Dino Park is the largest exhibition spread throughout a forest and consists in more than 50 dinosaurs, who can be more that 12 meters long. You can know prehistoric creatures on a paleontological playground. It is is located in the nature and along the park you'll find these incredible creatures. You can finally know these reptiles that lived on Earth for about 245 million years, when he continents we know now were fused into one supercontinent called Pangea! The earliest know dinosaurs appeared during the Triassic Period, Dinosaurs evolved then into a very diverse group of animals with a vast array of physical feature, including modern birds.
All the iconic dinosaur models are presented in Dino Park:

  • Tyrannosaurus rex who ruled what’s now western North America, from Canada to New Mexico;
  • Australia’s biggest know dinosaur;
  • the species Tlatolophus galorum, called in this way for the crest on its skull that looks like the tlahtolli, a comma-like symbol in Aztec art;
  • Croc-faced dinos, whose face is similar to the one of a crocodile;
  • Dinosaur with blade-like tail, which has two pairs of spikes at the end of their tails;
  • Titanosaur: the biggest dinosaur ever found.

Dinopark brings to life the before unknown world of dinosaurs. Learn about the first creatures who lived on our planet and enjoy this amazing, incredible and wild adventure! Dinosaurs are inviting you to have a closer look at them. What are you waiting for?

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