Enjoy some blasts from the past at the Smeet City Arcade!

Smeet Room Arcade Chat Game

In this modern age of smart phones, apps and next-gen games consoles, classic amusement arcades have died a slow and painful death. So why, we wonder, has a new one opened up right in downtown Smeet City? Because, my friends, such things are now considered ‘retro’ and, as every good hipster knows, ‘retro’ basically means ‘cool’. Old-style games are enjoying a big resurgence among the booming young population of Smeet City, so it’s a great opportunity to cash in!

First things first, get your customers through the door! Not all of them will be the same – some are there for the Claw Crane (I mean, who doesn’t like winning man-size cuddly toys?) and some are there for the Arcade Machine. A few customers just want to have a bit of a boogie on the D4F Dance Machine and then there are your uber-competitive Air Hockey nuts! There’s something for everyone here!

The more customers that play, the more Tickets you will earn, allowing you to claim up to nine prizes! If things are moving a little too slowly for your tastes, then you can also invest in a Slushy Machine – satisfy the Thirsty Customers with some LUSH slush and you will be handsomely rewarded with more Tickets!

As with all amusement arcades, it might be worth keeping an eye out for a new machine coming soon too!


Time to get gaming, Smeeters!