Show off your sensational sculpting prowess at the Ice Art Contest!

Smeet Room Ice Art Contest Chat Game

The people of Smeet City are excited. Despite the bitter winds of winter blowing in from the east, the hottest cultural contest in town is gearing up - the Smeet City Ice Art Contest!

Like every year, it's gonna be a crowded field, so it's important to prepare properly. A combination of Distilled Water, Anti-Liquifier and Ice Cubes should be everything you need to give you the freedom to sculpt as you wish, and don't worry if you happen to be feeling short of creative ideas either - there is a sketchbook full of instructions from past ice sulpting legends at your disposal! Once you have your plan in place it's time to pick up your tools and get to work.

The more stunning pieces of work you complete, the more precious Ice Artistry you will acquire, boosting your chances of being crowned Smeet City Ice Sculpting Champion 2019!