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The most infidel signs of 2019 according to a study, the men of Pisces and the women of Aries will be the most infidel people during 2019. We cannot reveal whether or not it is written in the stars what will happen between the virtual sheets this year, but we can help see which zodiacal signs are the most prone to infidelity.

Aries: Aries is characterized by passion and impulses, attributes that can sometimes play against him and lead him to commit infidelity. Although the fact that he is unfaithful does not mean that there are feelings in between, that does not justify the facts. Aries is very weak before the adventure and it will be very difficult to say no.

Taurus: They tend to be very unfaithful, but also extremely jealous and possessive in their love relationship. Therefore, if they feel cheated, or suspect that they have been deceived, their reaction can be very strong and they will lean away from the person they love the most and it costs a lot of work for forgiveness and reconciliation. They tend to keep a fidelity note to keep the home, but do not trust yourself. If you are not tender or tender with your Taurus partner you could start to lose them.

Gemini: Gemini are signs that they like to innovate, that they are retailers, they like to send them, but if they feel that they have the reins of the relationship they get bored immediately, they can be cold when making decisions, they are very intelligent to defend themselves, they are not very faithful, because they like to experience new things and get tired soon. If you are with a Gemini do not get tired of surprising him and falling in love with him every day, this way you will have him by your side like a little kitten sleeping.

Cancer: Cancer’s tend to be the most faithful signs of the zodiac, are very sensitive and intuitive, passionate, romantic, they give themselves everything, live love as few signs do, and dream of living next to your partner the rest of his life. They are more than faithful, they are protective and they would never hurt you, but do not hurt a Cancer, because it will bring out their genius and their pride and they will not open the door again.

Leo: The Leo which is ruled by the sun, truly thinks that it is worthy of everything and everything good. Due to their nature, they do not tend to be unfaithful because for a Leo it would be to lower their monarchical and generous status of great splendor is not appropriate. That is why they are not able to forgive infidelity, and once they have felt hurt in their pride, it is very likely that they will never treat you the same again.

Virgo: Perfectionist, retailer and very critical, to the extent that it can become unbearable. They tend to be very little pirates, and are characterized as excellent lovers. However, if you do not receive all the attention you demand, you may be attracted or attracted to someone who will listen to all your complaints and at the same time help you to have your things organized and give you something that denotes your sensitivity. Be careful with deception, because your analytical and observation skills will immediately discover something abnormal in their behavior.



Libra: It is a sign quite indecisive and requires extra time and precisely that quality is what is put in front of the person at the time of committing an infidelity. Many times they live a fantasy in their mind that can last for many years, but they do not dare to carry it out because they already have a relationship and does not want to put her at risk, rather they do not dare to decide, however, you should always be preventative. They have all the ability to carry this relationship in a secret way, with enough skill not to affect your current relationship and avoid making it public in your workplace, for example, although you will be pleased if someone is always attentive to your tastes and energy.

Scorpio: Scorpio will be the most unfaithful sign of the zodiac, being the most sexual sign of the zodiac, it could be thought that it is the most unfaithful, but it is not true. What happens is that, due to its sensuality, it is very difficult to resist temptations. But on the other hand, his intuition and family sense usually weigh more, and weigh things, also, when they give their love, they give it totally. Maybe that is why they meditate a lot before committing an act of infidelity, because it is a sign of weakness, your family has great weight in your life. Of course, if you are unfaithful, you can forgive, but do not forget and at the least thought is going to throw in the face.

Sagittarius: The sign of Sagittarius, is not the most unfaithful, many think so, but it is not, this is a very faithful sign. Many times, people confuse Sagittarius, because he is spontaneous and flirtatious, which is not really the case. As many have bodies, slim and attractive, they like to feel flattered, that if they cannot stand feeling imprisoned, cannot stand chains or jealousy and needs space and independence!

Capricorn: Rigid and inflexible, many times those of the Capricorn sign do not tend to forgive infidelity and if they do and continue to be with you to preserve family unity, they can even swear that they have forgiven you. Be prepared to be reminded until the end day of death! He does not know how to forgive, he will use you to take revenge forever, for his part, he is not an infidel sign because he is homelike, domestic and feels responsible for his house and his family, which does not risk anything in the world. If he commits an infidelity, he will do it very well, you will never be able to find out. They know how to do things so well and they are so methodical and prudent that you may never find out about that infidelity

Aquarius: The mental flexibility of the Aquarian signs allows you to love many universally and platonically, but you only give yourself in body and soul to a person. However, due to the humanitarian stamp of his sign, his genuine interest in social issues and other people's problems could be misinterpreted and taken for infidelity when it is not. At the level of infidelity, Aquarius tends to be in the middle, but if the relationship works well.

Pisces: The sign of fantasy and escape follows your emotions like a GPS. Usually they are infidels since they prioritize to live exciting experiences. They tend to suffer deceits in silence. If their partner is unfaithful, they make a kind of "mental block" that prevents them from seeing the evidence. They will justify late arrivals, absences. I hope the article has been of your pleasure, see you soon. "The essence of life is to go FORWARD"


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