Goodbye from Wild Rover

Smeet Goodbye Wild Rover Chat Game

Hi everyone! So the day has finally come. After five and a half years as the EN/INT admin on Smeet, I am leaving for pastures new.

It's a sad day for me but all good things come to an end, and I just wanted to write a quick note thanking everybody in the Smeet community who makes the game what it is. I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting, joking, and partying with you all, and I hope you have too.

I've also loved arguing with Smeeters, and kicking and muting some of you, and that is what I will REALLY miss the most about the job (to be clear - this is a joke, before anyone writes to Support complaining about it ;) ).

I hope you continue to enjoy the wonderful world of Smeet, and the friendships and relationships it creates. Who knows, maybe I'll even come back to see you all, as well as to bombard Alissa with constant 'cake in face' interactions while she is trying to work.

Farewell, Smeeters!

Wild Rover :)