Reenergize your Flower Garden in time for Spring!

Smeet Room Flower Garden Online Chat Game

For those of us dwelling in vast, urban areas such as Smeet City, a garden can be a peaceful, idyllic refuge from the hustle and bustle all around. This makes the winter months quite a testing time, as the short days and the nasty weather make it difficult to keep your back yard looking quite as glorious as it should!

So now spring is nearly here, it’s time to put that right! You’ve bought all the gardening materials required to get your Flower Garden back up to scratch, ready to host guests over the warmer months. Maybe stop inviting Uncle Harry over, though, last summer he kept ‘mistaking’ your finest tulip bed as a urinal…

All the Flowerbeds require similar things – Stones, Soil, Water, Flower Seedlings and Fertilizer. This caring combination will lead to fast growth and give you one of the most beautiful gardens in town. You will also gain quite a reputation as a Green Thumb, the envy of all your onlooking neighbors!

Get to grips with your garden, Smeeters!