Summer business is thriving at Camp Funny Elk!


As we all know, camping is super fun. Turning up at a delightful spot with your useless mate Barry in the pouring rain. Attempting to assemble your tent. Discovering you left a crucial part of your tent at home. Barry getting bored of helping halfway through and wandering off to ‘forage for berries’. Growing concerned when Barry still hasn’t returned 40 minutes later as it’s starting to get dark. Looking for Barry and finding him working his way through your supply of beer and cigarettes behind a tree just 50 metres from where you have been trying to assemble the tent alone. Shouting at Barry. Giving up and miserably driving home. Barry asking if you can take a detour and drop him off at the pub. Trying to throw Barry out the moving car.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Your latest business venture, Camp Funny Elk, is located in the luscious woodland outside Smeet City and is here to make your camping experience a special one!

As with any business, advertising is the key to making sure that holiday-goers from Smeet City are aware of your awesome little camping spot! Bring in more and more campers and then allocate them to different activities depending on their wishes! There are Adventurous Campers looking for something exciting to do, Hiking Campers requesting a Ranger to share some knowledge of the local woods, and Photography Campers aiming to take some snaps of a lifetime! Then there are the chilled-out Relaxed Campers just looking for a quiet time in the great outdoors, and finally the Hungry Campers who just want to eat – we aren’t really sure why they came to be honest but if it helps bring in the dollars for your investors then it doesn’t matter! Alongside keeping the visitors busy, you should also make sure the campsite remains clean and tidy – if you see trash, stick it in the trash can!

Once you’ve provided all the intrepid (and less intrepid!) campers with Ultimate Camping Experience you can use it to fill in the Camp Map, which is currently not looking very map-like.

The recent redevelopment of Playa de los Delfines has left the Smeet City summer tourism business even more hotly-contested than ever this year – it’s up to you to make sure Camp Funny Elk is up to the challenge!


Best of luck, Smeeters!