The Horse in the Pub - Winners

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Here are the winners for the EN server - congratulations to you all!


1st Place - Lilian (500 Coins, 250,000 Fame Points, 2 months Gold VIP and the Super Smart badge)

This is the story of how Riley the horse decided to leave his farm one day to have some adventures in the land of Smeet, and ended up in O'Riley's Bar.

He trotted out to Central Park and had a game of chequers with a guy he met there.  He was having a great start to his day and he won the game (neigh problem) at all.

He continued on to Fifth Avenue and met another guy (quite the clown) who was on his way to work at his friend’s pub - O’Riley’s Bar.  Feeling very thirsty, he asked the clown if he could go with him to the bar, to which the clown replied, “sure, hop into my car“.

As they approached O’Riley’s the clown realised that the brakes weren’t responding due to the extra weight of having a horse as a passenger and the car crashed through the wall into the bar. No-one was injured.

The clown called in a builder immediately to replace the broken wall with a window and continued to serve the customers.  Riley went up to the bar and asked for a drink as all the drama had left him feeling a “little hoarse”. The clown had a bottle of beer with Riley......and....... the owner of the bar fainted and landed on the bar counter.


2nd Place - <•'Şђα∂y˘P'Ø'α˘Ðα'Tяιℓℓα'•>● (300 Coins, 150,000 Fame Points and 1 month Gold VIP)

Dear readers, if you are still wondering how Simon ended up in the PUB? well now at least you know the horse's name.

its owner allegedly told us once he confirmed to us that he was "somber" (sober, with an m he did pronounce) that he named it after the one and only "Hot Fuzz" movie star Simon Pegg. Being asked for the reason behind it he stated the following: "Not everybody can get a movie role with a mere phone call, and guess what?? the movie was Mission: impossible!! That's amazing, my horse is amazing!"

Meet the "baseketball duo", everybody calls them so at work, everybody saw the movie. Not so much for the looks but acts do matter more than appearances, right? After all we're not Hollywood. Well, Tonight will be their final shift this year before the deliverance so.. This tag team is getting plans already ready to get messy once more at the PUB this night. It will be bit different tough for this one, for that they decided to race to the PUB. The fun begins even before arriving at place and the winner gets to get paid for liquor all night long.

Taking today's payday into account, Dave decided to get serious with his 99 Chevy Malibu to snatch the win. I know that Chevy and Win doesn't get too well along in competition but that's Dave for you gentlemen. As for our today's hero he decided to put faith in traffic and visit once more and for the last time this year his long-standing friend. He's racing Dave to the PUB on his horse, Simon. And if you're thinking that was too ballsy you are just correct.. 20 mins later Dave was waiting in front of the PUB for his coworker to arrive.

shortly after and from far the horse Simon is getting into sight, close and then closer but it never stops. The coworker furiously storms with his horse into the PUB and declares himself the winner. Everybody is stunned by the entrance. while the barman is laughing. He already knows Chubs. As a matter of fact, His laughing and the saloon doors swinging were the only 2 breaking the silence in that moment.

Dave set foot on the doors and enters to check up on his friend Chubs. And once he's in, all he hears was the one usual shouting he's been hearing all year long "you lose jackass" HAAA

Dave laughs, follows with the f word and then says "I win", Chubs then responds "Not literally, you never really entered." Well to be fair it is true he was waiting outside all along.

A great laughing followed to be a great start of the night. A long one it seems by the mess. And even now when everybody seems to have enough and left. Chubs seems to be still hanging out in the PUB. you can see him by the sink at the bar in the picture. when and meanwhile Simon is still waiting for his master inside before taking the leave. I guess that's what they call loyalty. Or, is it just being an animal? That's a question you guys have to find answer for this time!


3rd Place - INFO чέķίρ έήήάžùş (150 Coins and 75,000 Fame Points)

The horse was in O’Rileys bar as he’d heard so many people shouting ‘hey’ to the barman he mistook it for them shouting 'hay', and thought he’d go get himself some!