The meaning of Spring


Like other individuals who are born and raised in Hawaii, the Spring season never meant anything special to me like, as it does to other people who live in other states in the USA or in other countries which have seasonal changes. Hawaii does not have seasonal changes and our weather is basically the same all year long: hot and very humid with some trade winds, but not every day. The trade winds are such a welcome thing especially since we do have the vog. Vog is caused by the erupting volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Vog is not a pleasant thing to be exposed to, especially for people like myself who have allergies. Ever since I was a young child, I always wished that I could experience seasonal changes and be able to see the autumn leaves and the snow. Some day, I hope I will be able to.

That being said, Spring never meant anything super special to me living in Hawaii. The weather is always the same all year long. However, as I did my research on this topic of Spring, I was pleasantly surprised to read about all the things all of my relatives and friends who live in the continental USA told me about, and how they looked forward to the Spring season. Hearing this never really made me truly understand what Spring really meant to them and why they were so happy that the Spring season was approaching.

As I did my research on the topic of Spring, I was extremely surprised at what I had learned. According to Google: “Spring is all about new beginnings and transformations; it’s a season that symbolizes starting fresh and starting over. After months of cold temperatures, that often result in many of us feeling the winter blues, spring rewards us and our surrounding environment, bringing everything back to life.” When I first read this I always remembered what my close relatives and friends living in the continental USA always told me: they were almost the exact words of how they felt when the spring season was approaching after the winter season. For me. It was very difficult to imagine that, because living in Hawaii all my life, the weather is basically the same all year long. I have never seen what the autumn leaves look like nor have I seen snow. In Hawaii, flowers are in bloom all year long too.

In countries and places that do have seasonal changes, Spring would probably be such a welcome time of the year after a cold and harsh winter season.

Spring also has a spiritual meaning. Spiritually, Spring means: It will be the time of new beginnings, renewal, and growth. Spring gives us a feeling of optimism.

So what is the importance of Spring? According to Google: “Spring is the season during which the natural world revives and reinvigorates after the colder winter months. During spring, dormant plants begin to grow again, new seedlings sprout out of the ground and hibernating animals awake.”Did you all know that there is an element associated with the spring season? It is the wood element. The wood element is known for its strength and flexibility and is linked to the color green.

Spring is the rebirth bringing with it new life, energy, and warmth. It is said that in many cultures, spring represents the turn of a new year. This I found to be quite interesting as well because I always thought that a new year was starting January 1st which I believed would be a time for new beginnings. For others, Spring is also a symbol of revival, offering a state of blissfulness, hope, enjoyment, and growth.

Spring is special in many countries because their days start getting longer, flowers begin to bloom, and warmer weather allows them to spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Things that I am sure everyone looks forward to enjoying.

Here are some interesting facts about Spring Season:

  • Did you know that children grow faster during the Spring?
  • Tornadoes are most common in the Spring?
  • Every year, there are over 27 million outpatient office visits for people with allergies. This occurs mostly in Spring and Fall.
  • The tulips are said to signal the arrival of Spring. The tulip (scientific name: Tulipa) means “perfect love”. Pink tulips symbolizes happiness, good wishes and an attachment to someone.
  • It is said that butterflies and bumblebees are associated with Spring. You will start to see butterflies and bumblebees as the warmer weather returns.

Ten interesting facts that make Spring the best season:

1. Warmer Weather

2. There are more hours in the day

3. More sunshine

4. Birds and animals emerge

5. Delicious seasonal produce

6. Time for spring cleaning and organizing

7. Blooming flowers everywhere

8. Trees grow leaves again

9. Outdoor exercises

10. You can open your windows again

(*Please note: All of the above-listed items are applicable to countries that have seasonal changes)

Hope all of the above information made you enjoy and appreciate the Spring season even more. As for me, living in Hawaii, the Spring season is all year round for us, except our trees do not grow leaves again because they never shed the ones they have. How absolutely boring our weather is in Hawaii! Although a lot of people love it, especially the hundreds upon thousands of tourists who enter our Islands daily from all over the world and more numbers arrive during the winter months to escape their harsh winters and instead enjoy our beautiful white sand beaches. And, yes, of course, the temperature here will get a little higher during our hot summer months. So may you all enjoy your Spring season because summer is right around the corner!

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(Excerpts from: Trees and Nature; Better Place Forests)