Hi guys!! It’s August and I hope that everyone is doing fine and that you are having fun....who knows if someone has found his soul mate!!!!
Holidays for those who are not engaged mean (among other things) summer loves and flirts under the stars or on the beach. The summer holiday period is the best time to open up to new things and when you are away from home you are free of everyday thoughts and worries, you only enjoy the present moment and everything seems easier. If you add the tanned, exposed skin, the sound of the sea, the most beautiful scenes and hormones you have the formula for the birth of a perfect summer love.
Summer love is born to have no expectations. You can take it as a training for which you will learn the most functional way to manage both a relationship and friendship: no expectations are spoken, only the desire to give everything of themselves.
According to psychologists, not all flirtations are equal: there are those who flirt to keep fit, to overcome the stress accumulated during the year, to experience new emotions, to test their sex appeal and finally there are those who hope that a fleeting summer meeting will turn into a lasting love story.
One of the important aspects that makes us hope that summer flirting will turn into a love story is to notice if he speaks in the plural, indicating "we" and not just "me" or "you". The ideal would be for him to be the first to introduce the personal pronoun of "we", rather than being forced to push it. Nevertheless, even in this case, it is good to be on the alert. Hardened seducers are experts at using striking words, including those that make you think of a future in two. You don’t know if he/she will be the love of your life, but you can just enjoy that moment.
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