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Halloween is among us! Will you go as a zombie? A Vampire? Or a witch? Better yet let your Zodiac sign choose for you! Here is the latest article on what you should be for Halloween based on your sign by Astrologer Grise

Choose your Halloween costume according to your Zodiac Sign The month of October arrives we give you a help so you can choose your terrifying costume; since Halloween is a tradition that is celebrated, and each sign stands out for the election of its terrifying costume. The perfect Halloween costume for the zodiac signs:


 Aries: The Aries horoscope will look for very original costumes, especially B series or horror movies that others will know rather little. However, some Aries may also opt for well-known and very frightening costumes such as Jigsaw in the Saw saga for men who fall under Aries or Samara the terrifying girl at the well for women.

The perfect Halloween costume for those of the Taurus zodiac sign: The Taurus horoscope will make a great effort to make your costume perfect, so it will be good to dress up as something that requires work and dedication. He thinks that a zombie costume can be done by anyone, but those of the Taurus zodiac sign are able to do it in such a detailed way that no one else will have it the same type. Thus, it will not be so much what the Taurus are disguised as, but the amount of work, perfection and effort that they will have put on the suit.

The perfect Halloween costume for the Gemini zodiac sign: Gemini will adore a costume that has something good, but also bad at the same time. That's why comic characters like Batman's The Joker or Two face will be an excellent choice. If you are a Gemini girl, your good and bad character at the same time perfect is that of Harley Quinn, the eternal girlfriend of the Joker or that of Cat woman. They are evil characters from the movie, but they have their fun and cheerful side, which makes Gemini and everyone like us so much.

The perfect Halloween costume for the zodiac sign Cancer: Those of the Cancer zodiac sign are not very fond of bad characters, so they probably choose a cheerful costume to celebrate Halloween. Then the Cancer can opt for fun costumes like a movie character like Willy Wonka and the Queen of Hearts or cartoons, such as the manga world. The striking colors will be excellent for the Cancer horoscope to have a great time on this day.

The perfect Halloween costume for the zodiac sign Leo: The Leo horoscope wants to become the kings of the party, so they will not hesitate to find an original costume and at the same time get everyone's attention. A good way to find this kind of ideas is in the movies for Leo and those of this zodiac sign surely love Tim Burton. Therefore, costumes such as Eduardo Scissorhands, Beetle Juice or Sweeney Todd will be perfect for the Leo, as well as their female characters in the case of Leo women.

The perfect Halloween costume for the zodiac sign Virgo: The Virgo horoscope will look for an original costume and full of imagination, so they are probably set in films based on the feast of the dead. Two of them for Virgos are Nightmare before Christmas and The Corpse Bride, from which they can get excellent ideas for Virgo costumes. However, they should prepare them very well so that they look well worked and made up.

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The perfect Halloween costume for the Libra zodiac sign: Libra horoscopes are not usually very original in these types of costumes and prefer to opt for more popular costumes. So, most likely, the best option for the Libras is one of the characters of the Adams or Frankenstein family, one of those classic characters that are part of our general Halloween party ideology and that never cease to surprise us. Libra and everyone else.

The perfect Halloween costume for the Scorpio zodiac sign: The Scorpio horoscope will not look for a too scary suit, since he prefers funny costumes. A very good idea for Scorpio is to be inspired by the series of the eighties, in which the costumes are very colorful and cheerful. Some of them for the Scorpio are The Prince of Bel Air, Punky Brewster or The Baywatch.

The perfect Halloween costume for the Sagittarius zodiac sign: The Sagittarius horoscope will look for a classic Halloween night costume, which does not have to be based on a scary movie or myth, so Hollywood can become the greatest reference of the Sagittarius and will look for costumes by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean or Humphrey Bogart. The Sagittarians will be the most elegant of the party and only true lovers of classical cinema can recognize them.

The perfect Halloween costume for the zodiac sign Capricorn: The Capricorn horoscope are people who see a certain rationality in all aspects of their life and lack a constant imagination, as people of other zodiac signs might have. Therefore, the best costume for those in this horoscope is the skeleton. This does not mean that the Capricorn has to be a boring dress, since there are different variations of it that can give an original touch to the night. They can be fluorescent bones or a Mexican skull to give more life and color to the costume, making the Capricorn feel comfortable and happy in this special celebration.

The perfect Halloween costume for the zodiac sign Aquarius: Aquarius horoscopes are lovers of tradition and routine, so they will like to wear a fairly traditional costume, such as vampire. Aquarius, remember that it does not have to be a menudo dress, since you have many different variations and many have been the actors and actresses who have developed this role in the cinema. Whether you're a sexy vampire or an old-fashioned vampire, the Aquarium will have a great time.

The perfect Halloween costume for the zodiac sign Pisces: Those of the sign the Pisces zodiac can have a lot of imagination, so they are the perfect horoscope to take one of the most typical costumes, the witch or wizard, and turn it completely around, making it become one of the costumes most admired and desired party. For this to be the case, Pisces should not limit itself to buying a typical wizard or witch costume in a store, but should customize it and give it such a personal touch that it will make it unique, as Pisces deserves.

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