The Polar Star Ice Tea Bar

Ice Tea Bar

If you follow the Polar Star chances are you'll reach the North Pole at some point, where dwelling between glaciers and surrounded by the most beautiful arctic sea, you'll find the Polar Star Ice Tea Bar. Known for its cooling drinks, fruity cocktails, and effervescent atmosphere, the Bar is a popular place to meet friends and relax, especially in summer.

Many years ago, when there was no Ice Tea Bar, the spot was just a good meet-up place for Polar Bears and their friends. With ice and water being the predominant features of the North Pole, it's kind of difficult to communicate a place where you're going to meet for a few beers in the afternoon... Self-explanatory, the Polar Star was simply the best orientation and quickly became the popular place to meet your friends and catch up while taking an icy bath in the cerulean waters.

Unfortunately, when the Poles started melting due to climate change and the sun in summer became nearly unbearable, the place lost its appeal. Many Ice Bears preferred to stay indoors, blanked by their cooling apartments of ice, until someone came up with the brilliant idea of an Ice Tea Bar.

Who had the idea first is a topic highly discussed and disputed in the North, and in the end, who knows... the only thing we can say for sure, is that someone had the idea and everyone liked it. So, founded by the enthusiasm of sweaty Polar Bears and generous funds, a group of penguins pulled out of nowhere an Ice Tea Bar was built and communal titled the Polar Star Ice Tea Bar.

Since then, everyone still complains about the summers being way too hot, but if you look very closely, all the lazy bears on their towels and in the water with their sunglasses slurping Ice Tea seem to enjoy themselves.