Clothes Cleaning Chaos at the Hotel Smeetoria Laundry!

Smeet Hotel Smeetoria Laundry Room Chat Game

Smeet Ciy has changed at an astonishing rate in recent times, rendering the city almost unrecognizable from ten years ago. In amongst the high-rise apartment blocks and the brand new offices, however, stands a symbol of its earlier history, defiantly resisting the encroaching modernization that surrounds it. Welcome to the Hotel Smeetoria!

Originally built by the founder of Smeet City, Lord Technobase, as his luxury townhouse, the building later became the city’s premier accommodation for visitors, hosting famous names such as Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Stephen Spielberg, and Conchita Wurst.

A very glamorous history, then, but your new job sees you playing a role at the hotel that is unfortunately somewhat less so…time to get to work in the Hotel Smeetoria Laundry!

Start by grabbing that stinky laundry from the Laundry Chute and washing the whites and colors separately in their respective Washer-Dryers. Once they’re freshly washed, get them looking even fresher using the Rotary Iron! Finally, the Ironed Clothes need to be loaded back into the Laundry Carts, ready for their prompt return to the guests!

Get to work fast, Smeeters, some important guests are relying on you!