Halloween Games Round 3!

We all enjoy a horror movie from time to time, and now you can be a part of one!

To win this round, you have to gather your Smeet friends, pick a creepy song or story and direct a horror video clip! The film should be not shorter than 3 minutes and not longer than 5 minutes. Upload it on YouTube and send us a link at eventsen@smeet.com by 29th October.

SPECIAL RULE CHANGE! - For Round 3, the number of Halloween Points on offer will DOUBLE! This is a great chance for your domain to put yourselves in a strong position going into the Halloween Party!

Halloween Games Round 2!

Round 2 is perfect for any great interior designers out there! If you've got any ideas for how to design a room full of spooks and horrors, you should take part in this challenge!

To enter, simply take one of your Smeet rooms and turn it into a space of horrors - the scarier, the better! Our admin judges will not only be looking for lots of scary items, but also hoping to see thoughtful room designs that chill to the core!

Send the screenshot of your room (including your Smeet name and user ID) to eventsen@smeet.com by 27th October.

Smeet Halloween Games 2020

We are happy to announce one of our favorite events is back - it's time for the Smeet Halloween Games 2020! This time there are just four rounds, meaning a shorter but more intense competition!

The schedule is as follows:

1. Scary Outfit (14.10.2020 - 20.10.2020)

2. Nightmare Room (20.10.2020 - 27.10.2020)

3. A Creepy Film (22.10.20 - 29.10.2020)

4. Halloween Party (30.10.2020)

Get Carvin’

It’s a strange and eerie place, the swamp. From the fog rolling over the waters, the songs of the birds and the bugs, the plants that look like they move just out of the corner of your eye to the stillness that falls at night.

Easy to get lost in there. Many folks go in and never come out. No wonder they say it’s haunted. They say if you listen close, you can hear the low lament of those you who never returned. Some say you can see the glow of their ghosts hovering over the water. Maybe its just swamp gas, maybe it’s just fireflies glowing in the mist.

Ideas for a Halloween Costume Based On Your Sign

Have you picked out your spooky and creepy costume for Halloween? If not, then let astrology give you some ideas for that costume based on your zodiac sign. Whether you view the holiday as a way to joke around or as a way to scare people, some of these ideas can just come from things you probably already have in your closet or are easy to come up with at little to no cost. Maybe you are one of those that goes all out on a store bought costume, my suggestions may give you some insight on this year's Halloween costume.

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