Get Carvin’


It’s a strange and eerie place, the swamp. From the fog rolling over the waters, the songs of the birds and the bugs, the plants that look like they move just out of the corner of your eye to the stillness that falls at night.

Easy to get lost in there. Many folks go in and never come out. No wonder they say it’s haunted. They say if you listen close, you can hear the low lament of those you who never returned. Some say you can see the glow of their ghosts hovering over the water. Maybe its just swamp gas, maybe it’s just fireflies glowing in the mist.

What happened to these folks? Maybe a ‘gator got them, or some other critter that roams these lands. Or maybe after a while, every bend and turn looks the same and all you can do is keep on going, hoping to find a way out.

One thing that is known about the swamp is this: it’s a good place for pumpkins. Whatever is in the ground, makes them grow well and worth a lot to the right person. Travel into the swamp, load yourself up with what you need to get swamp gas, fireflies, swamp mushrooms to get their light and spores onto the pumpkins and grow as many as you can.

And pay no heed to those things you think you see moving, or whatever it was that made a splash in the muddy waters. It’s probably nothing.

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