Oceanic Olympics: Octopush

Oceanic Olympics

Deep underwater on the ground of the ocean, the aquatic population gathers every four years to watch the Oceanic Olympics.

Merfolk and dolphins, sharks and fishes, crustaceans, mussels, seashells, and jellyfish, you name it - they are there to celebrate the unbelievable skill of athletes from all over the sea!

For sure everyone has their own preference when it comes to athletics however, undeniably this year again everyone awaits with great expectations one particular discipline: Octopush!

The game is known on the surface as Hockey, and although similar, the games have quite a few differences! For example, Octopush is played on a Hockey field on the ground of the ocean, depending on the geography the pucks are made out of pearl or empty shells. Hockey sticks are often made out of coral, although plastic Hockey sticks are getting more and more popular these moons.

The game was made popular by no other but the infamous octopus siblings Octavius Octocto and Octavienne Octocto. Of course in the Oceanic Olympics honorable sportsmanship is highly valued, and strict rules are set in place to ensure the game is fair, and every player has fun!

Without further ado, I highly encourage you to join the merfolk and be amazed at the breathtaking performances of our aquatic athletes!

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