Bring back long-extinct creatures of the deep in the Sunken Oasis Laboratory!

Sunken Oasis Laboratory

The open ocean is also an incredibly lonely place, with no human able to survive normally, and most creatures there are so alien to us in comparison to animals we are around frequently on land. This makes for the perfect place to observe them, in a highly advanced underwater laboratory that doubles as an observatory. The giant windows of the facility allow for all kinds of things to swim by and the lab is positioned so perfectly on a volcanic ledge, offering a great view of the ocean – both more near the surface and also towards the sea bed, only limited by the light making its way through.

Millions of years ago, the world was a completely different place. Giant monsters roamed the land and terrifying behemoths of the deep could strike fear like no fictional monster ever could because these creatures were once real. No amount of technology could make up for the feeling of seeing a real live monster of the sea – well, that is except for bringing one of these monsters back to life!

With specially dedicated DNA extractors and old teeth from sharks or bones from other sea monsters, you can now splice eggs together to bring these monsters back to life! It might not be the smartest idea to introduce such titans to a modern environment, but it sure would be cool!

Unleash the terrors of the sea back into the world in the Sunken Oasis Laboratory in sMeet!