What´s new in version 103.20.636 (Windows)/ 103.20.465 (MacOS)

Dear sMeeters,

we can finally introduce you to Tisa; our Tutorial Introduction Smeet Assistant :)
Tisa will:

Guide new users and explain to them the main features of the game:

  • how to meet new people
  • how to write messages
  • how to use the User Side Bar
  • how to befriend other people on Smeet
  • We also fixed some bugs, as always we try to improve our product

More guidance and tutorials from our lovely new assistant will be comming soon.
Stay tuned!

How to update the sMeet Desktop App?

In order to update the app you don´t need to uninstall and re-install it.
Just download the newest version to you computer.


Double click on the newly downloaded sMeet.exe file and the newest version will be installed.



You might get this information when you install the Desktop App:

In order to install the Smeet Desktop App click on “More Info”

More Infos

On the second screen just click on “Run anyway”

Run anway

Now you can just install the game!

Happy Smeeting!