Back to Ancient Egypt

Back to Ancient Egypt

You wake up a bit dizzy in the middle of a desert. You don’t remember how you got there but you can feel the intense heat, and as you stand up you notice that people are wearing strange clothes, some are carrying swords and spears, and some are going around on horses or camels. It looks like a completely different era, and suddenly you see three enormous pyramids with their shiny peaks covered in gold. This is when you realize that somehow, you’ve travelled back in time, to ancient Egypt!

You start walking around confused and wondering how could this have happened, and suddenly you notice some guards walking towards you. You freeze without knowing what to do, and when they get close to you, one of them says “Come with us, Pharaoh Mentuhotepi is waiting for you”. Maybe you are living the life of someone from the past?

You are brought to the Pharaoh’s chamber, and after some formalities and ceremonies, the Pharaoh orders you to build a new sphinx for him. He gives you very little time to finish it, and tells you that failure is not an option. If you fail, you will know the Pharaoh’s wrath! How will you manage to do that? Are you living the life of an architect from ancient Egypt? How is a sphinx built? It’s all very confusing and frustrating! And no human being can finish such a thing in so little time. But maybe a God can, or maybe more than one, what about some epic Egyptian gods?

That’s the only way you can finish your task; you need to ask the Gods for help, and give them all the offerings they desire so they accept to assist you with your task. The more offerings you give to the Gods, the more they will help.and with enough of their help, you will be able to finish the sphinx quicker. If you manage to do this before the Pharaoh decides you’ve run out of time, you can earn Fame Points and an Egyptian Badge!

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